Zandvliet Wine Estate

The Cape Winelands region is more than simply famous – it’s legendary. Boasting some of the oldest wine routes in world history, the sweeping hills, lined with rows of grape vines, are distinguishable from miles away and most certainly recognisable by those enjoying a luxury train tour. Nestled in the picturesque Robertson Valley is the historic Zandvliet Wine Estate, a 5 000 hectare farm established in 1838, which is renowned for its impeccable Shiraz wines.

Its position between the Cogmans River and Langeberg Mountains creates an awe-inspiring natural setting. The hills of the Langeberg range curl around the farm from the north and disappear into the southern horizon, while 130 metres due south from the estate is Cape Agulhas, the southernmost tip of Africa. From the place where two oceans meet come sweeping cool winds created from the clashing of the warm Indian and cold Atlantic Oceans.

These swirling winds are integral to the growth of the vineyards, as the semi-arid region swells with heat in the summer months and the estate relies on extensive watering systems. The southern section of Zandvliet is comprised of a series of small limestone hills known as kalkveld, which add a distinct charm to the landscape. The granite and gravel slopes have proven to be especially receptive to the growth of the grapes used in Shiraz wines. Although there is an equal split between white and red plantings, the fruity Shiraz range produced by Zandvliet is highly acclaimed.

The family legacy of the estate spans over four generations and 130 years, making it an established and respected wine farm. Although known first and foremost for its impressive vineyards, Zandvliet has also become a reputable ostrich farm and a hub for racehorse breeding.