KWV Brandy Distillery

The Cape Winelands is renowned across the world for the stellar collection of wine cellars in the region, with rows of neatly manicured grape vines populating the horizon with splashes of green and purple. The leafy wine-producing estates are marked with the tart scent of decomposing grape skins and when passing through the expansive wine estates, holidaymakers enjoying the route of a luxury train travel tour will note the sprinkling of brandy distilleries amongst the farms.

The wine-producing town of Worcester, located in the hub of the luscious Breede River Valley, is the host of the KWV House of Brandy. The distillery is incomparable in size and is the biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere. With approximately 120 copper pot stills on site, the KWV cellar can produce up to 367 500 litres of wine per day. The world-famous KWV family of wines and brandies includes a number of celebrated spirits such as Roodeberg, Cathedral Cellar, as well as the range of KWV three, five, 10, 15 and 20 Year old brandies.

The KWV brandy trade name is a firmly established South African favourite and has become an integral part of local culture. The first brandy, distilled in 1926, was released in 1936 as a 10 Year Old cognac, which has continued to grow in popularity. The grapes grown in the Worcester region are specifically cultivated for brandy production, with nuanced aromas and flavours that are carefully crafted into brandies of exceptional quality. Unlike some other countries, South Africa harvests grapes specifically for brandy use, whereas other places produce brandy as a by-product of wine production.

With over 90 years experience in the art of brandy making, the KWV House of Brandy has mastered the craft of cognac creation with a consistency palatable in every sip. A train tour of South Africa that passes through the Cape Winelands region would be incomplete without a visit to this acclaimed distillery.