The Lost City at Sun City

Out of the rugged bushveld landscape of an ancient volcano, the fantastical Lost City rises like a phoenix from the ashes. Set in the world-famous Sun City Resort in the North West region of Southern Africa, the Palace of the Lost City hotel exudes an air of opulence and fantasy that’s usually only found in story books. Here, passengers aboard Rovos Rail’s African rail tour will encounter a resort experience unlike any other.

Such a spectacle could only be the work of a genius – Sol Kerzner, South Africa’s hotel prodigy, is that virtuoso. After spotting the site in 1979 whilst soaring overhead in a helicopter, Kerzner’s brilliant mind dreamt up a fantasy few could believe would exist in real life.

After the establishment of the luxury Sun City resort, Kerzner set to work on his ultimate fantasy – the ‘recreation’ of a mystical Lost City which, legend has it, was hidden from sight by the rugged landscape and inhabited by an ancient civilisation who perished from an earthquake. At its centre, the immense Palace of the Lost City glitters in the hot African sun, guarded fiercely by towering stone elephants which line the magnificent bridge which traverses the man-made lake teeming with rare birdlife and fish.

Rovos Rail’s luxury train journey introduces passengers to this exquisite setting. There’s nowhere else in the world where a faux tropical beach shines brightly in the midst of the African wild, and man-made surfing waves ebb and flow on the pristine shore. The glow of a million candles illuminate the opulent Palace which is festooned with Renaissance frescoes, hand-crafted furniture, mosaic floors and imposing columns that tower over the resort and bear false tusks and swaying palm fronds.

Lying just outside the doors, two championship golf courses attract avid golfers from all corners of the globe. Offering golf enthusiasts a completely unique golfing experience, both courses are bordered by the Pilanesberg National Park which houses the Big Five. In addition to Africa’s most desirable neighbours, the Lost City golf courses afford a surprise around each corner; one of which is a crocodile lounging at the 13th hole.