Spionkop Game Reserve

Separate from the crimson-soaked battlefields of the Battle of Spionkop lies the Spionkop Game Reserve where passengers aboard Rovos Rail’s African rail tour can come face to fur with an eclectic community of wildlife.

Set over 11 000 acres, the sweeping nature reserve is home to the precious African rhino as well as a selection of giraffe, buffalo and antelope. A leisurely game drive will see visitors to the reserve gasping with delight at the myriad exquisite bird life, of which 270 species have been sighted. In addition to being a birder’s paradise, Spionkop Game Reserve is the perfect base from which guests can explore the majestic mountain ranges, unspoiled African bush and the surrounding battlefields of the region. 

The Spionkop Game Reserve, among other South African game reserves, plays an active role in Africa’s worldwide success in conservation and restoration programmes. With the emphasis placed on protecting the wild, Africa is leading the world in conservation, and current programmes underway include the establishment of the Great Transfrontier Peace Park, which has enjoyed success in restoring an ecological design that strives to support an incredible diversity of wildlife. With the aim to create a sustainable future for man in partnership with nature, conservation initiatives effectively link together wildlife, travellers and rural populations for their common benefit. 

Well-known for its scintillating game viewing opportunities, Spionkop also offers spectacular views of the dramatic Drakensberg mountain range which can be spotted striking a majestic pose over the sparkling Spionkop Dam. Forming a backdrop to Ladysmith and Colenso; towns which featured heavily during the Boer War, the Drakensberg Mountains stretch over 200 km and form a natural border between Kwa-Zulu Natal and Lesotho. Riddled with tumbling waterfalls, crystal-clear rock pools, caves and trickling mountain streams, this special space attracts visitors from all corners of the globe.     

A game drive in the Spionkop Game Reserve will open the eyes of those on the luxury train journey, revealing unspoiled African landscapes dotted with endemic wildlife living happily off the land. Crisp mountain air leaves visitors forever craving the freshness of the region and the bloody history of Spionkop exudes an otherworldly eeriness that will thrill history buffs and casual observers alike.