Guava Gallery

Nestled in the scenic Mantenga Valley, the popular Guava Gallery is surrounded by the majestic mountains and soft green hills of Ezulwini in Northern Swaziland. African rail tour travellers will disembark their luxury accommodation to catch a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of the region as well as catch a glimpse of the famous jewellery and handicrafts housed in the Guava Gallery. 

In SiSwati, Ezulwini means ‘heaven’ – and what a heavenly destination the Mantenga Valley is. Hidden like a gem in the lush beauty of the valley, the Guava Gallery is a scintillating display of locally crafted jewellery and unique art. The gallery is family run, with three generations at work under one roof. Built by John and Tuire Thatcher in 1999 – John is a Canadian gemologist and Tuire a Finnish artist and designer – the founders have long established their roots in Swaziland along with their family.

Passengers embarking on the excursion from their luxury train journey will be able to experience the quality of the work first-hand with a tour of the Guava Gallery. With so much on offer, the gallery houses its own exclusive range of high quality gold and silver jewellery which is hand crafted in Swaziland. Each piece is unique, with some beautifully entwined with giraffe hair and others, more classic and specially commissioned by high profile clients.

The range of jewellery is manufactured on site in the jewellery workshop; in the confines of the workshop, a team of 20 local jewellers are hard at work with the founder, John and goldsmith, Lucky Phiri. The jewellery shop hosts a range of wedding rings, earrings, bracelets, gemstones and antiques while an impressive Tanzanite range catches the eye.

The Yebo! Art Gallery is another attraction waiting to be discovered on the scenic Guava Gallery premises. This beautiful creative space is the primary art gallery in Swaziland and since established in 2011, has already hosted 11 exhibitions for both amateur and professional artists.