GOLF COURSE: Sun City Lost City

Glittering under the African sun, the fabulous Sun City Resort and casino is one of Africa’s most iconic resorts and entertainment destinations. Located in the centre of a volcanic valley bordered by the dun slopes of the Pilanesberg Mountains, this wilderness wonderland rises from the dust like a desert mirage. 

While Sun City may appear like a magical incarnation, passengers disembarking Rovos Rail’s luxury train journey will be interested to know that the dream began with the idea of a middle-of-nowhere luxury hotel in the sun. In 1979 South Africa’s hotel prodigy, Sol Kerzner spotted the vast site while soaring overhead in a helicopter and instantly realised its potential, building a hotel and casino which instantly caught the public’s attention. Today the Sun City Resort is one of the world’s largest entertainment centres – a luxury theme park and modern Never Never Land for adults who don’t want to grow up. 

Kerzner’s brilliant imagination succeeded again with the establishment of his ultimate fantasy – the ‘recreation’ of a Lost City. The Lost City is home to a ‘palace’ of unbridled opulence guarded by two towering elephants standing watch over a spectacle of a bridge. Man-made lakes stocked with rare birds and fish dot the landscape and a tropical beach with electrically generated waves attracts visitors from all corners of the globe.

Located in the fantastical Lost City is the Lost City Golf Course, an 18-hole desert-style course surrounded by incredible views across the South African wilderness. After leaving their luxury train accommodation, Rovos Rail passengers will be able to fully experience this unusual paradise where nothing is as it seems. The 13th hole features a water hazard full of live Nile crocodiles, making the Lost City Golf Course one of the most exciting courses in history. The epic course covers more than 100 hectares and incorporates 28, 000 square metres of decorative water features.     

The incredible course features multiple tees to suit every level of experience while still providing seasoned golfers with a challenging round. While mostly desert themed, areas of the course feature imposing mountain and parkland areas, promising visitors an eclectic golfing experience with surprises around every corner.