GOLF COURSE: Durban Beachwood Club

KwaZulu-Natal’s famed, rugged eastern coast plays host to a semi-tropical environment dotted with lush vegetation – a climate which makes Durban’s Beachwood golf course a unique sporting experience. It is here that African rail tour passengers are welcomed into Durban’s humid embrace and presented with a hidden gem offering golfers a superb challenge.

Just a stone’s throw from the classic Durban Country Club, the Beachwood course is a top choice amongst golfers that enjoy a typical Links layout. The narrow layout of the course meets the pristine shores of the tepid Indian Ocean, providing luxury train travel passengers with views that belong in an art gallery. Along the course, banana trees and towering palms invoke an exotic, tropical feel while a variety of colourful shrubs and vegetation paint the greens a stunning shade.

Besides its enviable course, Beachwood’s most unique factor is perhaps its proximity to Virginia Airport – a training ground and airfield for small commercial aircrafts, private flights, training flights and helicopters. As Beachwood is located on the southern border of the airport, golfers can spot small aircrafts taking off and landing directly overhead – adding an element of excitement and suspense to the game.

The beautiful Beachwood course is currently ranked 29 in the Golf Digest Top 100 Courses in SA, with critics extoling the lovely views and well-structured course. The signature hole – hole 6, par 4 – is one of the most demanding par 4’s you’ll find anywhere. The course is always a very good challenge to the handicap as the sweeping fairways are narrow and long, requiring precision tee shots and lay-ups. 

From the time British soldiers introduced golf to South Africa in 1885, the sport has grown exponentially. Since the establishment of the very first golf course in 1910 – The Royal Cape – South Africa is now home to over 480 courses. With such as eclectic range of courses, each with a unique essence, climate and character, it can be said that South Africa is one of the greatest golfing destinations in the world.