RVR General

Copyright & Usage

For anyone directly promoting Rovos Rail – e.g. media, tourism or travel trade – these images may be used without prior agreement. Any other usage, in particular for any commercial purposes or the use by a third party for anything other than directly promoting Rovos Rail through the media or tourism and trade, prior agreement is required from Rovos Rail Tours. All images and material on this site are copyright to Rovos Rail Tours. You have the right to use the images for promoting Rovos Rail in the application listed herewith, but not the right to distribute, sell or use the images in anyway you wish.

All of our images are catalogued on an online server in low resolution (72dpi RGB) and high resolution (300dpi CMYK) versions.
FOR ACCESS, please go to http://photos.rovos.co.za and email brenda@rovos.co.za for the details.