Desert Dinner & Bush Drive

Deep within the Namib Desert, rising 300 metres (984.2 feet) into the smouldering African skies, are the majestic dunes of Sossusvlei. The dunes are considered the most astonishing scenic landscape in Namibia, thanks to their sheer size and the dazzling metamorphosis of colour that occurs as the changing light transforms the sloping dunes from a brilliant red ochre, to vivid orange, to blazing cinnamon.

Lazing languidly beside these dramatic dunes, at the entrance gate to the Sesriem Canyon’s jagged gorges, is the luxuriously authentic Sossusvlei Lodge. Shaded by sprawling canopies of camel thorn trees, on the outskirts of the Namib-Naukluft National Park’s magnificent expanses, the 40 000 hectare lodge offers a spellbinding retreat amidst the arid plains of the world’s oldest desert.

This surreal landscape provides the backdrop to the desert drive and bush dinner leg of the Namibia Safari.

When you embark on an enchanting desert drive, you will find yourself following the whimsical trails of Toktokkie Beetles and Shovel Snouted Lizards, while reclining in comfortable all-terrain URI game viewing vehicles. Spirited meerkat mobs will gaze on curiously as you maneuver around Welwitschia plants and !Nara bushes on a quest to find graceful Oryx and meandering springbok. With its bewitching landscape and abundance of flora and fauna, the area will also present a number of incredible photographic opportunities.

An al fresco terrace overlooking the wild desert savannah will provide the romantic setting for your bush dinner. The majestic Elim Dune and a floodlit waterhole frequented by a number of lithe creatures provides a uniquely African spectacle as you indulge in an exquisite selection of delicately prepared cuisine and fine wine. The entrancing landscape, idyllic atmosphere and delectable fare coalesce beautifully and provide an unforgettable end to your jaunt in the extraordinary Sossusvlei.