Chisimba Falls

On your magical African luxury train journey, you will be astounded by the raw and natural beauty of Zambia’s many waterfalls. Chisimba Falls is one of these water gems and a National Natural Monument of Zambia.

The Chisimba or Chishimba Falls is actually made up of three falls, Mutumena Falls, Kaela Rapids and the Chisimba itself. The falls are fed by the Luombe River and are found in the Northern Province of Zambia, 33 km from Kasama. The upper fall is the Mutumuna, with a drop of 20 m. The middle is the site of the Kayela Rapids and the main falls is the Chisimba, with a drop of 30 m.

 The Bemba people who reside in the area regard Chisimba Falls as one of the most scared places on Earth. They believe the spirit of Chisimba lives in a cave below the falls. This place is seen as a place of power, prayer and honour. They follow this so strictly that no insults, hatred, curses or vengeance are allowed within and around the cave. To access the cave, you can walk behind the falls. Mutumuna is found above the Chisimba Falls and is believed to house the spirit of Mutumuna. There is a High Priest of Mutumuna who makes regular offerings to the deity and this is also a cared place where no arrogance or arguments are allowed.

The eastern bank of the river is where you find a camp site. On the western side, a lush and dense rainforest occupies the banks. Along bottom of the Luombe River, you can witness the massive power of the cascading Chisimba. Follow one of the clearly marked trails and you can travel upstream to the Kayela Rapids. After the Rapids, the Mutumuna looms over you, a waterfall that is characterised by being wider than it is high. Chisimba Falls is also the site of a hydroelectric diversion canal, which supplies power to Kasama and the surrounding villages.