Bloemfontein City Tour

The city of Bloemfontein is located at the halfway point between the two massive metropolitans of Johannesburg and Cape Town, offering somewhat of an oasis in the middle of the Free State. Similarly positioned in the middle of the country, Bloemfontein radiates a peaceful ethos that inspires tranquillity within all travellers who stop by during a train tour of South Africa.

Bloemfontein is affectionately known as “the city of roses”; a sentiment inspired by the abundance of flora decoration the region.  It is as though the goddess Persephone herself touched the city; thousands of rose bushes line the streets and a floral scent lingers in the air, immersing all who visit Bloemfontein in the beauty and peace of the natural surroundings. More than 4 000 rose trees stand tall in the rose gardens of Kings Park, attesting proudly to the city’s title. It should come as no surprise that the symbol of the rose has been adopted by many local businesses as an emblem of pride.

Couched within the northern corners of the city is Naval Hill, a small nature reserve set on a hill that provides the perfect vantage point from which to view the city. From atop the hill, travellers are catapulted into a welcome change in geography as well as treated to a bird’s eye view of Bloemfontein. West of Naval Hill in Hamilton Park is the Orchid House, which boasts the largest collection of orchids in the world and nearby is a pleasant fragrance garden for the blind.

Individuals traversing the South African landscape by means of luxury train travel will delight in passing through Bloemfontein. The picturesque area is the sixth largest city in the country and is also the Judicial Capital of South Africa. The city centre is home to a number of historic buildings and several museums steeped in legacies of an era passed.