Slow Train through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones

Slow Train through Africa

For Rovos Rail to be part of this special programme for the ITV Network and to work with the charming Griff Rhys Jones was an honour. We confess that we had no idea who Griff was but after a quick Google search we discovered that he is a Welsh comedian, writer, actor and television presenter with a career spanning over two decades. 

“Slow Train through Africa” has Mr Jones attempting five remarkable train journeys across Africa travelling from Casablanca to Cape Town, through desert sands, river valleys, vast plains and dense forests. His journey concluded in South Africa with Griff joining us on part of our Cape Town journey where he played barman, butler and took a bath in our Royal suite bathroom!

It’s a great piece and the aerial shots they have of the train winding through the beautiful Western Cape are enviable. In fact, we’ve been in touch with production team to see if they’ll send us some of the footage!

To watch the Rovos episode click on the following link – Slow Train through Africa with Griff Rhys Jones

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